A Tobacco Dependence Learning Module

Global Bridges partnered with the Center for Addiction and Mental Health for the development of this Introductory Tobacco Dependence Treatment Module. The purpose of this collaboration is to utilize distance-learning modules to enhance the knowledge of health care professionals and increase their delivery of tobacco dependence treatment interventions.

The introductory distance-learning module has been culturally adapted and developed in both Spanish and Arabic to build capacity within Latin America and the Middle East.

Click to View Spanish and Arabic Language Module


Global Bridges and the Center for Addiction and Mental Health would like to acknowledge the following individuals who contributed to the development of this module:

Global Bridges Mayo Clinic

Dr. J. Taylor Hays, MD: Associate Director, Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center
Katie Kemper, MBA: Executive Director Global Bridges

Center for Addiction and Mental Health

Dr. Peter Selby, MBBS, CCFP, MHSc, ASAM: Chief of Addictions
Rosa Dragonetti, MSc: Project Director
Megan Barker, MA: Project Manager
Myra Fahim, BSc, BEd: Project Coordinator
Dr. Marilyn Herie, MSW, RSW, PhD: Centennial College
Karina Goncharenko, MSc: Research Coordinator

King Hussein Cancer Center, Cancer Control Office

Dr. Feras Hawari, MD: Director; Regional Director, Global Bridges
Rasha Bader, MBA, PMP: Head, Planning and Project Management; Operations Manager, Global Bridges
Aisha Shtaiwi, Communication and Outreach Specialist
Dr. Hiba Ayub, MD: Head, Tobacco Control

Global Bridges Latin America and InterAmerican Heart Foundation

Dr. Gustavo Zabert, M.D., Global Bridges Regional Director
Dr. Montezuma Ferreira, M.D. Global Bridges Regional Steering Team Member
Dr. Beatriz Champagne, Ph.D. Executive Director IAHF
Victoria Baldi, Global Bridges Executive Secretary

Center for Addiction and Mental Health Design Team

Valerie Timothy, MDE: Instructional Designer
Casey Irvin, MA: New Media Designer
George Vila, AMD: New Media Designer